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About Us

Timeless Taste. Authentic Flavours.

Exploring the most celebrated cooking technique in India, we aim to serve Zurich the distinctive and lavish flavours of the tandoor. Our dishes are a marriage between flavours and techniques with contemporary ingredients.

Whisper to us about your feelings, and we will prepare what you need now.

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Traditional Techniques

Tandoori cooking is an age old technique of cooking over fire and charcoal, adding a punch of earthy flavors.

Extraordinary Flavours

Our menu has an array of tandoori dishes that are cooked by skilled chefs presenting the rich cultural heritage of India on your plate.

Delicacies at Your Doorstep

We offer takeaway and delivery so that you can enjoy an extraordinary gourmet meal at the comfort of your home. 

Garden Fresh Ingredients

The beauty of Indian cooking lies in the freshness of it's ingredients. Hand blended spices and farm fresh ingredients is our specialty.

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    From signature delights such as beef tartare and the best mashed potato in Paris, all the way to unique specialities such as thinly sliced Brittany artichokes with truffles.

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